Parental Control for Digital TV

Your digital INTEK decoder together with your smart card gives you the option of locking the adult channels “Hustler TV”,  “Hustler 3D/HD”, “Blue Hustler” and “Daring!TV”. The procedure for implementing parental control is as follows:

Step 1: Accessing smart card settings

  • Have your television connected to your decoder. With your television and decoder being ON and watching the digital programmes as normal on screen press MENU on your remote control to access the starting menu of your decoder.
  • Select (by using the keys ◄ , ►) from the horizontal menu Conditional Access.
  • Select from the vertical menu (by using the keys ▲ ,▼) Slot A – Conax and press OK. The settings menu of your smart card will appear.

Step 2: Changing your smart card code

  • Select Change CA PIN and press OK. The window for changing your smart card code will appear. The factory default code for your smart card is 1234.
  • First enter the current code of your card. In the case that this is the first time you are using the smart card this is 1234.
  • Next enter a four-digit code of your choice.
  • Re-enter your four-digit code for confirmation.
  • A message will appear informing you that the code has changed and you will be automatically returned to the settings menu of your smart card.

Step 3: Choosing your parental control level

  • Select Maturity Rating and press OK.
  • In order to lock the adult channels “Hustler TV”, “Hustler 3D/HD”,  “Blue Hustler” and “Daring!TV” press A – Over 18.
  • Enter your smart card code CA PIN.

Step 4

  • The procedure for locking all adult channels and changing your smart card code is now complete and you will be automatically returned to the settings menu of your smart card. Press Back twice to return to the channel you were watching.

After these changes, whenever you tune into an adult channel you will have to enter your code in order to unlock the channel.