Cablenet Services Are Fully Restored

Over the past few days our network has experienced some technical difficulties that have caused disruption of our services. I would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to our subscribers.

What happened

We experienced a so-called Distributed Denial of Service or DDOS incident. This is an externally initiated overflow of traffic towards our network that causes network disruption and subsequent downtime. These are events that many Telecom providers have been increasingly facing. This is the first time we have experienced such an event on such scale.

I would like to stress that at no time was there any security breach or any data compromised in any way.

What did we do about it

Our technical personnel responded immediately, working around the clock together with our international partners and have managed to fully restore service. We went one step further and have added automatic proactive protection to our network to mitigate any future occurrences of a similar nature. These systems now protect both our own network, as well as, all of our subscribers.

How we are following up

We are aware that Cablenet subscribers are the most demanding in the market and this has made us work very hard over the years to fulfill their expectations. It is therefore no surprise that we offer the highest speeds in the market at the best value. Over the past 10 years Cablenet has not suffered any major downtime of its services.

However, we take nothing for granted and we are following up with expediting the upgrades of our entire core network, a process that was already under way, with next generation hardware. We will also augment further to the proactive protection measures that we have already taken with our international partners.

Our promise to our subscribers

We truly take the quality of our services and the customer service we deliver very seriously and we are committed to offering the best to our subscribers. We appreciate their patience and understanding on this matter.

I would like to personally reassure you that, all of us at Cablenet, as always, will be close to our subscribers, both now and in the future.



Nicolas Shiacolas
Cablenet Communication Systems PLC