Cablenet For A Better Life! Cablenet’s campaign for an even Better Life!

Cablenet’s new campaign, ‘Cablenet For A Better Life’, defines the direction the company chooses to follow and move forward. It marks and sets the foundation for a new course, a new point of view with a single objective: to make the lives of its Subscribers and  whole community, even better!

Through a people-oriented approach and its ongoing process for evolvement, Cablenet offers its Subscribers all the services and technologies required to meet their needs and desires, to enjoy a better quality of life. Cablenet wants to give people the power to explore without limitations, to be inspired creatively, to create effectively and to never stop dreaming!

Cablenet focuses on people, their prospects, their surroundings and their lives. It sees a person and this person’s evolution, within a better life!

As stated by Cablenet CEO Mr. Yiannos Michaelides, “Yes, we are a technology company and we will always build the future. However, we also look beyond that. We see people from a different perspective. We provide the tools so that every single person can make his dreams come true, implement whatever he wishes to create, explore without limitations, and accomplish all of that in a better and more effective way! This is exactly what Cablenet wants to do: to be present and contribute to a better world, for a better life.”