Cablenet’s Black Friday offer for strong Wi-Fi signal everywhere at home!

Responding to its Subscribers’ needs for the provision of the most innovative services and for truly fast and reliable communications, Cablenet announces the most WOW Black Friday offer – Cablenet Ultra WiFi, Powered by Plume HomePass®, service for just €1.99 per month!

Now all Cablenet Subscribers, with any commercially available service, can have a SMART home, with a strongWiFi signal throughout, parental control capability, safe surfing and device connection, as well as easy management via the app.

Cablenet Ultra WiFi, Powered by Plume HomePass® service, allows expansion of Cablenet’s fiberpower® internet speeds via the addition of a smart and powerful home connectivity system and personalization. At the same time, the HomePass® app allows for complete WiFi control.

Ultra WiFi, Powered by Plume HomePass®, includes a complete package of Plume® services with two high-performance Wi-Fi access points, called SuperPods, for only €1.99 per month.

So simple, so… SMART!

Terms and conditions apply.

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About HomePass® Services

Plume combines innovative, cloud-based technology with artificial intelligence in order to offer a comprehensive package of smart home services. Adapt™ provides coverage for the entire home with the strongest possible signal, ensuring that users receive the most reliable and uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience on any device. Access™ allows members to control exactly who has access to their Wi-Fi networks, connection duration and what they can do. Guard™ protects devices from suspicious content when they are connected to the internet, maintaining the home network’s integrity and preventing malicious activity.