Announcement for entering into a Cablenet store

As per government instructions to prevent the spread of COVID -19, a SafePass is required for citizens 12 years of age and older to enter the store.

It is noted that citizens 12 years of age and older must present one of the following forms of proof to obtain a SafePass:

1. A vaccination certificate with at least one dose and after a period of 3 weeks has passed. Citizens may present the Vaccination Card given to them at Vaccination Centres.

2. Proof that a person has contracted COVID -19 in the last 6 months. Citizens can present the clearance SMS or the recovery SMS sent to their mobile phone by the Ministry of Health.

3. If any of the above is not applicable, as an interim solution, citizens aged 12 years and above have the option to present a negative test certificate from a PCR or rapid test that is valid for 72 hours.
The EU Digital Covid Certificate can also be used as proof.