Cablenet takes Cyprus to a new era where everyone can enjoy even faster Internet speeds, starting at 100Mbps.

Being fully aware of society’s new needs, Cablenet is providing the Cypriot market – new and existing Subscribers – with internet speeds that start at 100Mbps, thus contributing to developing digital Cyprus, as well as giving everyone the ability to enjoy new technologies and solutions that meet current demands.

In this context and in accordance with Subscriber contracts, it informs customers that, as of 1st November 2020, all existing Subscribers’ internet speeds will be upgraded entirely FREE.

Internet fiberpower® services, as well as the Connect Xtra 60M package, will be adjusted as follows:

Services with
Existing Speeds
Services with New Upgraded SpeedsDownload
fiberpower® 60Μ60Mbps6Mbpsfiberpower® 100Μ100Mbps20Mbps
fiberpower® 120Μ120Mbps12Mbpsfiberpower® 200Μ200Mbps30Mbps
fiberpower® 180Μ180Mbps18Mbpsfiberpower® 300Μ300Mbps50Mbps
Connect Xtra 60Μ60Mbps6MbpsConnect Xtra100Μ100Mbps20Mbps

If any Subscriber to the above Internet fiberpower® services or the Connect Xtra 60M package wishes to terminate their service due to these particular changes, they have the right to do so without any termination fee whatsoever by 30th October 2020.

For any further information or clarification, kindly contact the Customer Call Center on 130 or visit any of Cablenet Store.