Cablenet and its employees join forces to boost the Government’s fight against COVID-19 by €6,000!

In this battle against COVID-19, every heartfelt donation means so much! And so, following an initiative by Cablenet’semployees and the additional significant contribution by the company itself, the Government of Cyprus’s general fund was boosted by €6,000 for the purchase of personal protective equipment.

Cablenet’s employees collected an amount of €3,000 and the company, embracing their efforts, proceeded in matching that amount. Both the company’s management and executives are proud of this significant initiative,and congratulate and thank each and every individual who contributed to this noteworthy Corporate Social Responsibility activity!

In the face of these unprecedented conditions and the great effort made by all organisations, authorities and companies, Cablenet, as a mark of appreciation, respect and love, stands in active solidarity with both its Subscribers and the community that battles daily against this unprecedented situation. It knows that joining forces can form a protective shield and offer support to society at large, as well as proving that the pandemic did not manage to damage sensitivity, compassion or, most importantly, the optimism that better days are yet to come!

Even though the restrictive measures have slowly begun to be eased, adherence to the Ministry of Health’s health and safety measures without exception must continue to be a priority. It is our collective duty to protect everything we have worked so hard to achieve in order to soon return to our normal lives. We owe it to ourselves who were disciplined, to our children who cannot wait to get back to school and go out to play in parks, but mostly to those vulnerable groups of people who are waiting to see in person and embrace us.