Review of Bill Payment Options at Cablenet stores

Within the framework of the digital upgrading of its procedures and in prioritising safe and contactless transactions, Cablenet, in accordance with its Subscriber contracts, would like to inform Subscribers that, as of the 10th of April 2021, the cash payment of bills, will no longer be possible at its stores.

All Cablenet Subscribers will be able to settle their bills easily, instantly and securely in one of the following ways:

  1. Via the Cablenet Subscriber portal,, using their access code.
  2. Via, for immediate settlement of their bill (no access code required).
  3. Via in the ‘Telephone and TV Providers’ category.
  4. Via Web Banking, selecting ‘Telecommunications Bill Payment’ option (Hellenic Bank, Bank of Cyprus, Alpha Bank).
  5. Via Direct Debit payment.
  6. Via Debit or Credit Card payment.

If any Subscriber wishes to terminate their services due to the specific change, they have the right to do so without any early termination charges until April 10, 2021.

For further information regarding payment methods, contact the Customer Call Center on 130.